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We had a bit of a challenge on our hands last week. A very valued customer contacted us on Tuesday with her requirements for a replacement vehicle. Ordinarily this is exactly what we do and it’s all in a days work. The worrying thing in this case was that we had to have her in a car by Friday evening. A very tall order when the car isn’t physically held in stock and we have to source it.

We don’t like to let down our customers so it was all hand’s to deck, and it was a challenge we were not prepared to fail at. The glimmer of hope in this situation was that she had specific requirements and knew exactly what make, model, and colour she wanted.

We spent all morning on the phone and internet trying to find a vehicle – we had to utilise every method available to us including specialist trade websites and our Mercedes contacts, we eventually found a vehicle that would fit the bill. A quick call to the client to confirm and we had secured the car for her. All we had to do now was to collect it and get it serviced by Mercedes. Any of you that have used a franchise dealership will probably know that getting a car into the workshop of a main dealer can be a daunting task, usually you will need at least a week or two’s notice. We are lucky to have an established relationship with a Mercedes dealership and the car was booked in for Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday morning was a 6 am start as we had a 200 mile round trip to contend and the all important service appointment to keep. Things actually went very smoothly and we were soon on our way back in the new car, what a drive back! The car was awesome!

The car was serviced and back with us for Thursday afternoon, it had been given a clear bill of health. As you would expect for a 12,000 mile Mercedes. This left just Friday to get the car fully valeted, take a few pictures, get it fuelled and ready for delivery. The car was delivered on time, and was looking amazing! Phew, it was close but we managed to pull it off.

If you have a challenge for us or any specific requirements for your new vehicle please let us know.