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Arriving towards the end of this week, the long awaited Nismo edition to the GTR, we can exclusively reveal this car to you, as not many of the proposed 200 built a year will be coming to the UK! We have attached this article here for you to gain a little bit more information on the car.

In the years since Nissan dropped the Skyline moniker and detonated our dynamic expectations with its own Godzilla, it has been responding to this vocal minority with incremental improvements; for the 2014 model year, it has come up with an emphatic answer – the 591bhp Nismo.

As well as pushing the car’s limits deeper into hair-raising terrority, the car is destined to become the flagship of Nissan’s much-expanded tuner division (and race team).

While there is no limit to the number that will be built, the manufacturer reckons there will be no more than 200 examples built a year – only a small proportion of which will make it to the UK.

Even with a mighty premium – expect the price to knock on the door of £120k – it is reasonable to assume that UK (and global) demand will far outstretch supply. Does the new model deserve all the attention it’s about to get?

Well, Nissan’s marketing department has no doubt already done a fine job of softening enthusiasts up with a much mentioned ‘Ring time of 7.08 – an extraordinary, if slightly misleading lap attack we’ll return to later – but the single-mindedness of the on-paper technical adjustments are certainly noteworthy.

For a start, only a layman would mistake the now my spec 2014 car with the NISMO. While the ride height has not changed, aerodynamic improvements help lower the centre of gravity and have rendered an even meaner-looking machine from the already aggressive template.

The carbonfibre additions are evidence of the lessons learnt from the Japanese Super GT race car, and comprise a new wider front bumper (and unseen undercover strake), elongated back bumper and an even-more-lairy rear spoiler. The net result, which doesn’t impact the GT-R’s drag figure, is an additional 100kg of downforce at huge, track-specific velocities.

Specifically tuned to work with the extra weight is a custom-developed suspension setup featuring Bilstein DampTronic dampers and new upper links on the front double wishbones for increased caster trail, as well as beefier hub bolts and a 17.3mm hollow rear anti-roll bar.

The emphasis here, unsurprisingly, is on improved rigidity, stability and ever-greater grip levels – helped along in no small amount by bespoke Dunlop tyres which, at the front, dress slightly wider 20-inch alloys.

Attempting to unstick the American rubber is the same Japanese 3.8-litre V6 petrol engine as before, although it’s furnished with the larger, high-flow turbochargers that were previously reserved for the GT3 racer.

Along with improved ignition timing courtesy of a Nismo-programmed ECU, and a higher-capacity fuel pump, peak output has risen by 50bhp over standard.

Pictures of the cars can be found on our cars page of the website, want some more information on the actual car, give us a call.