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2017 New Look is on the way!

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been meeting with our design team to try and create the next generation website, to do things out of the ordinary, to set a new standard and to stand above everyone else. We have found it a tough challenge, bringing together brilliant ideas with hard line facts of what is actually possible. Last week saw the main visuals for the revamp being recorded, we took a range of our most finest cars out of the showroom for an epic shoot. From 8am to 8pm we were all out all day getting in what we needed for the recorders, using some incredible high technology and state of the art cameras. It was a sight to see for the general public, some of the most high end and rarest cars in the UK on show in full convoy, we even stopped off half way for a photo shoot with some school children, some who had only every seen cars like ours on the internet!

We hope that in the next few months all the effort and hard work will pay off and the end result will be something spectacular, from the fine detail of how a website makes you feel and what it wants to make you do, all these different elements have been considered, and we hope that when it has all been pulled together you will be blown away.

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